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About the Praxis Exam Praxis Exam Content Praxis Exam Preparation
Praxis Exam Registration Praxis Scores and Score Reports How Faculty Can Help

Praxis Exam Registration

How do I register?

The Praxis II: Subject Assessments in Audiology (0340) and Speech-Language Pathology (0330) are offered as paper-based tests only. Register directly with ETS for the test date and location that best meets your needs.

What are important details to remember when registering?

  • Background Information Questionnaire
    Complete all four pages of the registration form, including the section on background information. It is recommended that you complete the three questions identified with asterisks (e.g., identify the highest education level that you have attained to date).
  • Attending Institution(s) or A-Code
    Using the Audiology/Speech Language Pathology Attending Institution/Recipient Codes [PDF] - find the code preceded by an RA identifying the institution where you received your graduate education in Audiology or Speech-Language Pathology and enter the code number on the registration form (e.g., for Auburn University enter 0007).
  • Designated Score Recipient(s) or R-Code
    Using the Audiology/Speech Language Pathology Attending Institution/Recipient Codes [PDF] - find the code(s) preceded by an R or RA for up to three institutions whom you designate to receive your exam score and enter the code number(s) on the registration form. 
    • For ASHA certification, exam results MUST be sent directly to ASHA from ETS (select code R5031 and enter 5031).
    • It is recommended that you have your score sent to your academic institution (e.g., for Auburn University, RA0007 enter 0007).
    • Select a state licensing board, if appropriate (e.g., for the Alabama State Board of Examiners for SLP/Aud, R7003 enter 7003).

A fourth score recipient can be designated on the registration form in the section: Other Passing Score Information.

    • Select a state/agency, if appropriate, from List D [PDF] (e.g., for Alabama 7020  enter 7020).
  •  Major Field and Certification Field
    • Audiology Code 701
    • Speech-Language Pathology Code 705
  • Search the following terms at ETS' Web site for registration information about:
    • Change Request (Test, Test Center, Date)
    • Fee Schedule
    • Fee Waiver Request
    • Friday Test for Sabbath Observers
    • Standby Registration
    • Re-registration By Phone
    • Test Center Locations
    • Test Takers Whose Primary Language Is Not English (PLNE)
    • Test Takers with Disabilities
About the Praxis Exam Praxis Exam Content Praxis Exam Preparation
Praxis Exam Registration Praxis Scores and Score Reports How Faculty Can Help
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