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About the Praxis Exam Praxis Exam Content Praxis Exam Preparation
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Praxis Exam Content 

As part of your exam preparation, familiarize yourself with Praxis exam content. Know how the test is structured and what kinds of questions to expect. Practice answering various types of questions by completing practice exams in your area of study.

What is the overall format of the exam?


For information on the number of questions and format of questions please visit Audiology Test at a Glance [PDF] and SLP Test at a Glance [PDF].

  • The Praxis exam in Audiology has 120 questions (as of Fall 2005).
  • The Praxis exam in Speech-Language Pathology has 120 questions (as of Fall 2004).
  • Test-takers have two hours to complete the exam.
  • There are several versions of each exam. Each version is statistically comparable to the other versions.
  • The exam consists of multiple-choice questions with varying degrees of complexity, including case study questions.
  • The Praxis II: Subject Assessments are offered as paper tests only.

What is the format of the individual questions?

There are three types of multiple choice questions that appear on the exam with increasing level of complexity.

What topics are covered on the exam?

The Praxis exam is comprehensive, covering material learned throughout both undergraduate and graduate courses. As a result, test-takers will need to synthesize information they have learned from many sources and understand the subject as a whole. 

  Audiology Praxis exam content (exam specifications)

  Speech-language pathology Praxis exam content (exam specifications)

Does the Praxis exam in Audiology assess the knowledge and skills of candidates who pursued a master's degree or a doctoral degree?

The Praxis Audiology exam is developed according to the basic tenet that exam items for a credentialing exam assess the knowledge and skills required to perform the job in the context of current practice. The blueprint for the exam is derived from the knowledge and skills generated from the practice and curriculum analysis that resulted in the establishment of the doctoral entry degree requirement for the profession of audiology.


About the Praxis Exam Praxis Exam Content Praxis Exam Preparation
Praxis Exam Registration Praxis Scores and Score Reports How Faculty Can Help
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